Repairs we do in store

In store, we are able to restring most instruments (guitars, violins etc), if you have anything more specialist, contact us to ensure we can help you. 

Below, there are other repairers who can take on more extensive repairs. 

Piano tuner and repairer

Gabriella Crisanti
01582 353132

Wind N Brass Repairs

Chris Burrows
Wind N Brass Repairs
07940 906489

Electronic Instrument and Amp Repairs

MB Tech Repairs
Clive Bonnar
Electronic musical instrument service and repairs, Amplifier service and repairs. Vintage electronic musical instrument servicing. Most brands repaired.

Guitar Repairers

Keyboard and Digital Piano Repairs
Pure Tech Solutions

Guitar Amplifier Repairs
01279 261 261

Dave Russell
07968 168328

Acoustic Piano Tuner and Repairer

Richard Reason
01462 454244

Yamaha Customer Support

For technical support, or repairs on Yamaha instruments (for example: keyboards, or digital pianos) please contact the Yamaha customer support line on: 0844 811 1116

Harmonica Service

John Cook
01708 446644