Best Sellers

Yamaha Arius Digital Pianos

Yamaha Arius digital pianos are the ideal instrument for any piano player who wants their instrument to not only play and sound phenomenal, but also look great in the home. Our Arius pianos are sold with a matching Yamaha piano stool, and our delivery and installation service, at any time to suit your needs. 

Yamaha Portable Pianos and Keyboards

We have been a Yamaha main dealer for many years, and we sell a range of keyboards and pianos. We have something to suit all needs, from the gigging musician, to complete beginners. The best selling series over recent times has been the P-Series, which offers the sound and feel of a real piano, but in a lightweight, portable unit - making it easy to travel with for performing musicians, and easy to move around the home. 

Acoustic & Classical Guitars

Acoustic Guitars are the perfect tool for anyone who just wants to pick up their instrument and start playing. Ideal for those that what to strum away with their favourite songs! Popular brands include Tanglewood, Vintage, Yamaha and Aria. The acoustic guitars we sell come in a variety of sizes including Dreadnaught, Parlour and travel - suitable for everyone's needs!

Classical guitars are often recommended for those starting their guitar journey - with the strings being made of nylon, rather than steel, they offer a more comfortable experience. They are also great for anyone wanting to play fingerstyle guitar, or the any of their favourite classical guitar pieces. We carry classical guitars by leading brands including Admira, Santos Martinez and Yamaha. 

Best Selling Electro-Acoustic Guitars Under £500

The Tanglewood range of Electro-Acoustic guitars have been our best selling guitars under £500 for many years now.
The Discovery model is the ideal guitar for someone who wants a great value guitar, natural spruce top with a beautiful modern design. The Tanglewood TW4 offers a warm, rich tone in higher grade woods - Koa / Spruce / Mahogany

Best Selling Electro-Acoustic Guitars Over £500

The Yamaha AC1R MkII (Tobacco brown sunburst), boasts a solid sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, a piezo SRT pickup, new scalloped bracing, for a louder, richer acoustic sound
The Yamaha AC3R A.R.E (Natural), features a solid torrified sitka spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides and the flagship SRT2 pickup system, with a mic blend feature.
The Yamaha FSX830C is a guitar aimed at those who want a comfortable guitar to play, with a shorter scale length. It has a solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, newly developed scalloped bracing for excellent rich overtones.

"SG" Style Guitars

Our 2 biggest sellers in 2021, the Vintage VS6 (Cherry red) with a standard hard tail or the Vintage VS6V (Gun Hill blue) with a Vibrola bridge allowing you to add subtle vibrato and radical pitch bending to single note lines and full chords.

Semi-Acoustic Guitars

From Bluesters and Big Banders to Bubblegum and Britpoppers, the sonorous voice of the semi acoustic has endeared itself to players of varying styles throughout the history of the electrified guitar. Natural maple, natural walnut or a classic sunburst, you choose.

Fender Player Series

The number 1 selling electric guitars! The Fender "Player Series" gives you a chance to own a Fender for a fraction of the cost of a U.S.A model. 

Yamaha Pacificas

The Yamaha Pacifica 112 has become an industry standard for players of all abilities. The 'Ice Blue' and 'Grey' finishes are new to 2021. Both with a maple fingerboard these guitars feature 'Alnico' custom wound pick-ups, with a coil tap feature.
For something a bit special then the 612 is the one for you, in a 'Translucent Black' finish, with a flamed maple top this guitar looks pure class. Equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups, with a push/pull coil split this guitar packs a punch! In addition to this, it has Grover branded locking tuners for extra tuning stability.

Yamaha Revstars

The Yamaha Revstars have just had an upgrade! The Revstar Element - new to the range in 2023 - features tulip tuners, giving a vintage look. The body is larger in size, and is chambered, which helps shape tone, increase sustain, and lowers the overall weight of the guitar. The neck has a satin finish, and the frets are jumbo sized. The push/pull pot is a 'dry switch', offering some single coil tones, but without the change in volume you'd get with a coil tap. 

Yamaha Bass Guitars

The Yamaha TRBX174 series has been our best selling range of bass guitars for many years, with the "Exotic Woods" featuring matching headstocks. The TRBX series also has  5 string option, for those wanting a little more bass! If something a little more traditional is what you were after, then we have the BB range, which features a solid Alder body, a well constructed 5 piece Maple and Mahogany neck and a Rosewood fingerboard

Peavey Amplifiers and PA's

We are a Peavey main dealer, and stock a wide array of Peavey products. Amplifiers to suit all of your needs, whether you are a bassist, electric guitar player or an acoustic guitarist. 

Yamaha THR Amps

The THR series of amplifiers aim to bring the ultimate tone to the fingers of every guitarist, without any need for excessive volume! The THR5A is the ideal compact amp for the acoustic guitarist, where as the THR5 and THR10II are great if you want to rock out!


The Barnes & Mullins range of ukuleles come in a selection of beautiful woods to suit all players - maple, koa, becote and mahogany. If you want to be the next George Formby, then their Ukulele Banjo is the one for you, a big seller in 2021.

Mandolins and Banjos

Mandolins are often at the heart of folk music from all around the world, and we have a range of mandolins in varying styles, including electro-acoustic, and more traditional styles. Banjos are known for their use in country music but are very versatile instruments and are sometimes seen used in many more genres of music including rock!

Guitar Effects Pedals

Effects pedals are the perfect way to enhance your tone, or discover new sounds. Whether you want a single effect to build a pedal board, or a multi effects unit which boasts a range of preset sounds, we have plenty of options! 

Guitar Gadgets

A wireless guitar system must be simple, reliable and sound great. Enter XVive, with their digital system designed to withstand the rigours of touring and live playing.
The NUX MP-2 is a game changer in the market of headphone amps. It features various effects, modeling amplifiers, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models.

Yamaha USB Mixers

Yamaha's multi-purpose, high resolution mixers with USB audio interfaces: The AG03 and AG06. They come with Cubase LE software which you can download, they are Mac, Windows and iOS compatible. We also stock a range of condenser / dynamic microphones plus Yamaha headphones to complete your set up.


The Shure Microphones have become an industry standard for live music and recording studios alike. We have dynamic and condenser mics in stock at different price points to suit anyone's budget

Audio Cables

We stock a massive range of  audio cables including XLR, Jack to Jack, MIDI, Speakon and many many more 


Stentor Violins are the perfect instrument for violin students - from beginners to the more intermediate player. We sell 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full size violin outfits.

J. Michael Student Saxophone

The J. Michael Saxophone is the perfect starter sax, featuring high quality keywork, full rib construction, high quality blued needle springs and metal resonator pads for a better sound.

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