Best Sellers

Best Selling Electro-Acoustic Guitars Under £500

2 beautiful Tanglewood electro acoustic guitars. On the left a lovely Discovery model in Ebony and beside it our best selling electro acoustic of 2020 so far, the Winterleaf Exotic in Koa, a truly beautiful guitar.

Best Selling Electro-Acoustic Guitars Over £500

The Yamaha AC1R (Tobacco brown sunburst), which boasts a solid sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, a piezo SRT pickup, new scalloped bracing, for a louder, richer acoustic sound
The Yamaha AC3 (Natural), featuring a solid torrified sitka spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides and the flagship SRT2 pickup, with a mic blend feature.

Les Paul Copies

4 of our most popular Les Paul style guitars, by Chord and Vintage. The Chord Les Paul style guitar comes with P90 Pick-Ups, and a gold top, which gives it a classic look and sound. The vintage Les Paul style guitars come in a beautiful flamed tops and Wilkinson Humbucking Pick-Ups. 

Vintage SG Copies

We sell the Vintage VS6 (Cherry red) and the Vintage VS6V (Gun Hill blue), which are our most popular SG style guitars. If you have always wanted an SG but aren't sure if you wanted one with a tremolo, or would prefer a hard-tail, just come in and try them both!


These ukuleles have been our best selling from our range. We have the Barnes and Mullins concert Ukuleles, and also the Ukulele banjo, which was made popularised by George Formby. 

Yamaha USB Mixers, and other studio gear

Yamaha's multi-purpose, high resolution mixers with USB audio interfaces: The AG03 and AG06. They come with Cubase LE software which you can download, they are Mac, Windows and iOS compatible. We also stock a range of condenser / dynamic microphones plus Yamaha headphones to complete your set up.

Yamaha THR Amps

The THR series of amplifiers aim to bring the ultimate tone to the fingers of every guitarist, without any need for excessive volume!
They both come with Cubase AI, and the THR editor software

J. Michael Student Saxophone

The J. Michael Saxophone is the perfect starter sax, featuring high quality keywork, full rib construction, high quality blued needle springs and metal resonator pads for a better sound.

Sheet Music

In stock we have an excellent range of current exam music for a wide array of instruments. This includes the new ABRSM piano exam materials, up to date rockschool guitar, bass and vocal books and much, much more. 

We also have plenty of tuition material to get you started with your new instrument!