May Sales!


Yamaha RGX-A2

Was: £469.99
Now: £299.99

Yamaha's concept guitar, which comes with cylindrical tuners,  LED lit cylindrical diecast pickup selector knob (blue and green for the bridge and neck respectively),  Yamaha Alnico soapbar pickups make this guitar sing with sounds that can range from subtle classic to all out modern grinding tones and the proprietary A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) The guitar has a maple neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. 

Fully serviced by our guitar technician. 

This guitar does have a small hairline crack to the paint work

Redwood 6 String Bass

Was: £399.99
Now: £299.99

The Redwood 6 String bass guitar has a bolt on neck, gold hardware, and an active pickup. 

There is some minor cosmetic wear on the body, but this does not affect the playability.